Solids of extrusion.


Let's create a solid of extrusion with a circular hole. An unclosed spline will be the extruded contour.


This code creates a spline:


SG_POINT tmpPnt;

 SG_SPLINE* spl2 = SG_SPLINE::Create();

 int fl=0;

 for (double i=0.0;i<2.0*3.14159265;i+=0.13)


         tmpPnt.x = ((double)(fl%3+2))*cos(i);

         tmpPnt.y = ((double)(fl%3+2))*sin(i);

         tmpPnt.z = 0.0;





 sgCSpline* spl2_obj = sgCreateSpline(*spl2);




 spl2_obj->SetAttribute(SG_OA_LINE_THICKNESS, 2);


The hole will have the form of the circle with 1.6 radius:


SG_CIRCLE   cirGeo;

 SG_POINT    cirC = {0.0, 0.0, 0.0};

 SG_VECTOR    cirNor = {0.0, 0.0, 1.0};

 cirGeo.FromCenterRadiusNormal(cirC,1.6, cirNor);

 sgC2DObject*  cir = sgCreateCircle(cirGeo);



 cir->SetAttribute(SG_OA_LINE_THICKNESS, 2);


Let's extrude along the (1, -2, 5) vector:


 SG_VECTOR extVec = {1,-2,5};


 sgC3DObject* exO = (sgC3DObject*)sgKinematic::Extrude((const sgC2DObject&)(*spl2_obj),

         (const sgC2DObject**)(&cir),1,extVec,true);





Then we'll move the obtained solid:


  SG_VECTOR transV1 = {-7,0,0};





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